Peshtemal, A Must Have

A Must-Have

Peshtemal is the archaic form of bath towels, handmade by local artisans designing and producing using beautiful, organic, high-quality Turkish cotton, practicing ancient traditional weaving techniques. Tightly woven, extra-long cotton fibers used in making the Hammam towel, Peshtemal will actually get softer, more absorbent, and fluffier with each washing. They absorb water as fast as a traditional towel, but dries very quickly, takes up less space, is easy to carry, and is, therefore, they are perfect for bath and beach, yoga, spa, or even some as fashion accessories. Due to their naturally vibrant colors and harmonic design, Peshtemals can also be used as a shawl, pareo, wrap, tablecloth, sofa cover, throw, and much more. It is a simple everyday item you can also turn into a fashion must-have.