How to Care for Silk Fabric?

Caring for silk fabric is a delicate matter. We recommend dry cleaning but you may also do cold hand wash with gentle soap. Follow the instructions:

  • Hand wash your silk fabric with cold water. Avoid mechanical handling of silk fabrics under wet conditions, handle silk gently during washing
  • Water used for washing should be soft. A good neutral soap either in the form of flakes or powder may be used
  • Silk fabrics may be rinsed in Luke warm water 2 or 3 times to remove soap
    and the released dirt
  • Silk after washing may be squeezed lightly by hand, (DO NOT WRING) to
    remove the excess water. You can Absorb excess water with a clean white towel. 
  • Silk fabric may be dried uniformly under shade. Drying under flat condition or horizontal spread for drying of sarees/fabrics is ideal for silk. Direct exposure to sunlight weakens silk and turns it yellow.
  • Iron low heat. Before ironing, soak or spray the silk and dampen it completely. Do not directly place the iron on silk. Use pressing cloth. Use an iron on a cool setting and don’t rest the iron on any single area for too long. Hang to dry. For removing any more wrinkles, hang in a steamy environment.