About Us

The famous saying would be so much truer as follows; ‘One is what one wears.’

What we wear is a very significant part of our identity. Significant simply because it signifies…meaning it is a sign. Sign of who we really are. How we are distinguished from sameness, anonymousness, characterlessness. How we differ, assume identity, and identify unity. It’s the first artificial language before all linguistic languages. What we wear speaks…and speaks volumes. It’s the first visual code of communication that we can fully control, and manifest to others. Mark Twain went further to claim, “Clothes make the [hu]man.”

Throughout history we were never truly free to wear whatever we wanted. Sometimes colors defined the cast, class, ethnicity, clans, other times patterns were signs of eminence or privation. Certain weavings were meant for clergy, monarchy, authority and others for the condemned. Simply put; to have the cloth is to have the clout.

Beige of a private school uniform, black of a corporate suit, blue of a police uniform, orange of an incarcerated soul…  Colors were reduced to ideas, patterns to hollow constructs.

Just a matter of two decades ago, masses desired to have the same exact cut or model of a designer's jacket or shirt or whatnot. But our time is about being unique and manifesting it. Uniformity is not only lifeless, but also unnatural. In other words, in nature nothing is uniform in totality. Except machine-made goods.

That’s why Atlantis People only offers hand-made, natural and raw materials.  Healthy, unpolluted, unadulterated, untainted, unbarred, uncontaminated, one of a kind, unique, sui generis… These are the values of Atlantis People. Healthy clothing movement using natural fibers is fast emerging, following healthy food, healthy beauty and care products.

In these times of transition, we witness not simply a calendar change, maybe it’s too pompous to say, but it’s a paradigm change, existential defragmentation. We all want to eat, wear and live differently and healthy. We inevitably move forward to a more technologically innovative future, yet yearn ever more to make peace with nature. We are on the verge of a purist retro-futurism heading towards us like an oncoming train.

So who are we, making grandiose claims about identity, human desire, signification of clothes, etc? We are designers, but not fashion designers. We are set designers, production designers, filmmakers. By trade, we are story-tellers. We look at clothes and accessories from a more dramatic point of view. And we love to dress our clients with a story, to create characters. This is where Atlantis People is all about. Offering raw, natural, elegant, hand-made, high quality, clothing and accessories of desire. 

We truly hope you enjoy the love and tender care that was put into our hand-made products.