How To Use Raw Silk Exfoliating Mitt “Kessa”

1) SOFTEN your skin in a bathtub or a shower for 10 minutes before the exfoliation.
2) REMOVE the excess water from your skin and your glove. Massage your body slowly in vertical motions, you will start seeing skin flecks falling off. Squeeze the glove from time to time during the exfoliation, make sure that there is no excess water in your glove or on your skin.
3) COMPLETE the exfoliating massage before rinsing, rinse with cooler water. For Beautiful Hands and lips massage them 1-2 times weekly.
4) WASH OFF the peeled skin thoroughly after desquamating. Wash your skin with soap of your choice.
5) CLEAN the exfoliating mitt with plenty of water and soap, and rinse. Keep it dry after the bath.

Exfoliation For Sunbathing

Exfoliating mitt is largely used to prepare skin for sunbathing. It helps maintain a longer-lasting sunless tan. It thoroughly removes previous sunless tanning product residues and delivers an evener fake tan.
PLEASE allow 24 hours after exfoliating before skin exposure to the sun.


The skin may not peel off on first use. Continue to use exfoliating scrub repeatedly until your skin adjusts itself.
Refrain from using soap before or during the exfoliating process. The soap fats prevent your skin from peeling. Use soap as desired only after the exfoliation scrub.
Kessa Mitt will also make a perfect washcloth. It will help increase the blood flow and deep-cleanse your skin if used regularly with soap, just like other washcloths.

Benefits Of Raw Silk Mitt Exfoliating

Instantly improve your skin without harsh chemicals.
Reveals cleaner, fresher, and clearer skin, and helps to keep pores clean.
Helps stimulate collagen, remove impurities to improve the look and texture of your skin.
Promotes the skin’s natural peeling process.
Increases the skin’s microcirculation, oxygen, and moisture absorption.
Helps prepare the skin for serums and creams.
Raw silk helps keep the pH level of your skin at 5.5.