What is Humane Silk?

Humane silk is %100 genuine silk made from Mulberry Silkworm Cocoons. It is not faux silk or art silk. But it definitely deserves the label, ‘humane’, for it uses a method of non-violent and eco-friendly silk breeding and harvesting. It allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to its moth stage, whereas most silk harvesting requires the silkworms to be killed in their cocoon stage. In "humane silk harvesting", no animals suffer or die for the silk to be produced. It is unquestionably the ethical alternative to traditional silk for those who "do not believe in harming animals.

This ethical method for producing this silk does NOT kill the silkworms, is also known as Ahimsa Silk. This slightly rough and less shiny as compared to the fabric that is obtained using conventional methods, yet it has great demand and esteem and is used in making high-end designer suits.