How To Tan Evenly And Get The Golden Glow!

How To Tan Evenly And Get The Golden Glow!

Get Your Glow On: Sunless Tanning Tips for a Naturally Golden Summer!

Who doesn't want that stunning summer glow? Luckily, you can achieve a bronzed look without harming your skin with harmful UV rays. Yep, I'm talking about sunless tanners! The technology has come a long way, and I'm here to spill my sunless tanning secrets. Follow these tips, and you'll rock a golden tan that looks like you've been basking in the sun. Let's dive in!

Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Exfoliate!

To achieve a super even tan, exfoliation is key! Forget those traditional body scrubs—I prefer an exfoliating glove for a few reasons. My go-to is the traditional Moroccan Kessas. It provides a gentler and more even exfoliation, leaving your skin supple and ready to soak up the tanner. Bonus: It's oil-free and chemical free so it won't interfere with your tan application. Perfect, right?

"Moroccan Kessa" Exfoliating Glove, $8.99

No Oils, No Worries

Hydration is crucial for a long-lasting tan, but here's the catch: Anything with oil creates a barrier on your skin, preventing the self-tanner's DHA from absorbing evenly. So, ditch the body oils, face oils, and body butters at least a day before you apply your self-tanner. Keep it oil-free, and your tan will thank you!

Create a Barrier for Trouble Areas

Now, here's a sneaky trick for those tricky spots. Areas like elbows, kneecaps, knuckles, wrists, and ankles tend to have more dead skin cells, which can result in uneven color deposits. Yikes! But fear not—I have a solution. After exfoliate these areas with your kessa glove, apply a thin layer of body lotion to these areas just before you apply your self-tanner. This will create a barrier, preventing too much tanner from soaking into dry skin. Hello, flawless results!

Touch-Ups with a Washcloth

You've applied your self-tanner with precision (don't forget a mitt for that super even finish), but those pesky areas like kneecaps, ankles, knuckles, and elbows still need some extra love. Grab a damp washcloth and gently go over these spots. If you notice any streaks or unevenness, lightly blend them using the washcloth—no rubbing, please! We want to avoid streaky situations and maintain that flawless glow.

Don't Forget Your Beautiful Face

Who says the glow should stop at the neck? If you want a radiant face to match, opt for a self-tanning product designed specifically for the face. These usually have a lower dose of DHA, resulting in a subtler color. Instead of slathering it all over, grab a trusty Beauty Blender sponge and focus on areas where you naturally tan—the top of your forehead, nose, cheekbones, brow bones, jawline, and chin. Once the product develops, keep your skin hydrated with a hyaluronic acid serum like my HA Hydrating Serum to prevent dryness.

Self-Tanning Made Easy!

Now, I know self-tanning might seem like a bit of work, but trust me, it's worth it for that stunning golden glow. Once your tan develops, make sure to moisturize your skin generously to help it last. Drop your thoughts and questions about my sunless tanning tips in the comments below. Let's get glowing, babes! 

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