The World's Oldest Evil Eye Charm!

Assyrian Pendant,Süryani Pendant,Syriac Pendant,Rose Gold Plated Necklace,Turquoise Pendant,Silver Necklace,Hercai Necklace, Reyyan Necklace

pendant size: 3.2 cm X 1.9 cm (1.26 " X 0.75 ")

Natural turquoise stone is eroded by minerals over time and local Anatolian Folks collect the most beautiful ones for protection from bad spirits. It is mostly used for protection from Evil Eye. Handmade items produced with by us that roots from the tradition started. Wish best luck and hope for all goods be with users.

It is the first known form of evil eye bead in history. It is believed to break the negative energy of the eye.
Turquoise Stone; balances blood pressure.
good for digestive system
It has the effect of keeping the person young and fit.